Our Story

Swanky Haus is in honor of my late Grandmother Inge "Methner / Schram" Lynch.

Inge was originally from Frankfurt, Germany but during the war both her birth parents tragically passed away. Inge was the youngest of five children who were left in her grandparents care. Unfortunately they could not financially or physically care for all the children, which resulted in the adoption of Inge. Soon Inge would arrive to New York, New York to be greeted by her new adoptive parents Harry and Frieda Schram.


As the story goes according to my late Grandma Inge... Frieda was a fashion designer {True} whom {Supposedly} originally designed the poodle skirt in the late 40s/ early 50s. Now google searches say otherwise... but I would have never argue with my strong-willed German Grandma because I would be wrong even when I was right... ALWAYS!

As a little girl my grandma shared her passion for edgy, trendy and modern fashion with me. My favorite memories with her were when we would go shopping at little boutique stores all over Virginia. We LOVED to go shopping, as it was our favorite hobby! My Grandma and I shared a very special connection and she continues to influence my daily decisions. In which, I know she would be proud of my decision to offer Boutique Style Clothing for a reasonable price.

- Amanda